“Bio-metrics” Comes to Camden County

digital-hand-printNew Visions Day Shelter has begun to use a fingerprint recognition system, called “Bio-metrics”, that has enabled a more efficient way to administer services to its homeless clients in Camden County. The system makes use of  a persons fingerprints to better track the person’s needs and the services that have been utilized by that particular individual. Service providers and county administrators can also use this data to create a more fluid and practical manner in which services are administered to those in need.

Kevin Moran, Executive Director of New Visions and Co-chair of Camden County’s Homeless Network Planning Committee- HNPC, has noted some distinct advantages that have come about since having implemented Bio-metrics about a month ago. “The Bio-metrics System has made significant improvements in allowing our agency to capture an accurate account for the number of guests served each day. The system is user friendly and we have a few non-computer users – who have embraced the Bio-metrics System”.

New Visions agreed to take part in the pilot program and last April the NJ Housing & Mortgage Finance Agency gave a presentation to the entire HNPC on the Bio-metrics system. The goal would be to have more of Camden County’s homelessness provider agencies make use of bio-metrics.

About Jamie DiFrancesco MSW
Jamie is the Human Services Planner at CPAC -Community Planning & Advocacy Council in Pennsauken, NJ. He is a graduate of West Chester University where he achieved a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with a Minor in Spanish & Latin American Studies; As well as the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work where he achieved a Master's in their C.O.S.A. (Community Organization & Social Administration) Program .

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