2016 SNJCoC Consolidated Application

The Southern New Jersey Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) serves the counties of Camden, Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester New Jersey.  The Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC) is the administrative arm of the SNJCoC.

The SNJCoC is pleased to share the following documents regarding our FY 2016 application for funding through the federal HUD NOFA process.  The Consolidated Application can be found by clicking here nj-503-coc-registration-exhibit-1.  This is the registration and application for funding for the SNJCoC.

The SNJCoC Project Priority List can be found by clicking here fy16-snjcoc-nofa-project-listing and provides information about the ranking for each of the CoC’s projects. The ranking was developed after a formal review process of each individual project application.

Finally, the SNJCoC Policies and Procedures Manual can be accessed here snjcoc-policies-and-procedures-sept-2016 and provides information about the operation of the SNJCoC.  The manual also incorporates the HMIS Policies and Procedures that the SNJCoC has adopted.

For more information about the SNJCoC please contact Hilary Colbert, Director of Grants Management at hcolbert@cpachvi.org  or Laura Sanchez, Human Services Planner at lsanchez@cpachvi.org  or by calling 856-663-3998.

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