NOFA – SNJCoC Coordinated Assessment New Project

Applications for new projects for Coordinated Assessment will be accepted by eligible organizations interested in applying for 2017 HUD funding to provide coordinated assessment supportive services in the four county SNJCoC region.

A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 11:30 at CPAC, 2500 McClellan Avenue, Suite 160, Pennsauken, NJ 08109.  Persons can come in person and the pre-bid is also accessible via conference call.  The call in number 1-949-229-4400 is toll free and the pin is 4529583#.

Proposals are due by 5:00 pm on Thursday August 10, 2017.  Please see the attached NOFA for more information.  2017 SNJCoC – CA New App NOFA

A Word version of the RFP is attached for review in preparation of the pre-bid meeting.  2017 SNJCoC – CA – RFP

SNJCoC New Local Applications

The Southern NJ Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) is requesting applications for New Projects under the 2017 NOFA.  Click on the link to access the Notice of Funds Available 2017 SNJCoC New App NOFA for more details.

A pre-bid meeting is scheduled for Thursday June 15th at 12 noon at CPAC, 2500 McClellan Avenue, Suite 160, Pennsauken, NJ 08109.  The pre-bid may also be attended via conference call by dialing 1-949-229-4400 and entering the pin 4529583#.

New Project Applications are due on Wednesday, June 21st by 2pm to CPAC.  Click here for the application 2017 SNJCoC New Project Application and scoring tool 2017 SNJCoC New Project Scoring Tool.

Contact Hilary Dugger Colbert at 856-663-3998 ext. 222 or via e-mail at for additional information.

SNJCoC Local NOFA Renewal Application

The Local 2017 SNJCoC NOFA Renewal Application is available by clicking here 2017 SNJCoC Renewal Application.  The scoring tool is available by clicking here 2017 SNJCoC Renewal Scoring Tool.

The pre-bid meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 11 am at CPAC, 2500 McClellan Avenue, Suite 160, Pennsauken, NJ 08109.  There is also call-in availability by calling toll-free 1-949-229-4400 and code 4529583# at that time.  Bonus points are awarded for participation in the pre-bid meeting.

2017 SNJCoC NOFA for Local Renewals

Funds are available for 2017 SNJCoC HUD funded renewal projects.  A Pre-bid Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. at CPAC where persons can come in person and will also be accessible via conference call, at which time questions concerning the NOFA will be answered.  The call in number (toll-free) is 1-949-229-4400 and the pin is 4529583#.  Bonus points will be awarded for participation in the pre-bid meeting.

Proposals are due no later than 2:00 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2017 to CPAC.  6 copies must be supplied as well as one scanned and e-mailed version of the entire application. Please click the link to the NOFA for more information.   2017 SNJCoC Local Renewal NOFA

2017 YSC Juvenile Detention Alternative Innovations (JDAI) Funding

Notice is hereby given that sealed applications for funds from eligible organizations interested in applying for 2017 Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative Funds will be received on behalf of the County of Camden by CPAC: The Community Planning and Advocacy Council.  2017 JDAI funds for Camden County youth consist of the following service request:  Detention Alternative Plus Program and a Juvenile Justice Family Partnership Project.

A Pre-bid meeting will be held on Monday, April 10th at 10:00 a.m. at CPAC, 2500 McClellan Avenue, Suite 110, Pennsauken, NJ 08109.

A copy of the RFP can be found by clicking on the link here YSC JDAI 2017 RFP_final. Fill-able forms may be found by clicking on the links for the 2017 YSC_JDAI Program Profile and 2017 JDAI Logic Model Template as well as the JDAI Budget (Pages 1_5) Revised_2017 (1).  The YSC JDAI Evaluation Instrument used for scoring the RFP can also be found by clicking the link.

For more information contact Rosy Arroyo, Senior Human Services Planner/YSC Administrator.

Youth Services Commission 2016 Data

Please find data sources that can be referenced when submitting your 2017 YSC proposals:

4-20_ucr-2016 – Uniform Crime Report Data

05-13-16-juvenile-demographics-and-stats – Juvenile demographics and stats

2015pitreportcamden – Point in Time Count of the homeless data

school-violence-2014-2015-report – School Violence Report 2014/2015

sexual_assault_report_1-21-14 – Sexual Assault Report data

2016-nj-kids-count-report – 2016 New Jersey Kids Count Report

Remember: proposals are due by Tuesday October 11th at 1 pm.


2016 SNJCoC Consolidated Application

The Southern New Jersey Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) serves the counties of Camden, Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester New Jersey.  The Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC) is the administrative arm of the SNJCoC.

The SNJCoC is pleased to share the following documents regarding our FY 2016 application for funding through the federal HUD NOFA process.  The Consolidated Application can be found by clicking here nj-503-coc-registration-exhibit-1.  This is the registration and application for funding for the SNJCoC.

The SNJCoC Project Priority List can be found by clicking here fy16-snjcoc-nofa-project-listing and provides information about the ranking for each of the CoC’s projects. The ranking was developed after a formal review process of each individual project application.

Finally, the SNJCoC Policies and Procedures Manual can be accessed here snjcoc-policies-and-procedures-sept-2016 and provides information about the operation of the SNJCoC.  The manual also incorporates the HMIS Policies and Procedures that the SNJCoC has adopted.

For more information about the SNJCoC please contact Hilary Colbert, Director of Grants Management at  or Laura Sanchez, Human Services Planner at  or by calling 856-663-3998.

Annual Completeness Packages

Are you an agency that has a MAP (Management Assistance Program) score?  If so, now is the time to complete your Annual RFP (Request for Proposal) Completeness Package to stay MAP compliant. These materials must be on file or extra documents will need to be submitted with your proposals when responding to RFPs in the upcoming year or your proposal will NOT be considered complete.

Click here for the 2016-17-annual-completeness-package-documents   Annual Completeness Package submissions are due to CPAC on or before October 7, 2016.

SNJCoC – 2016 Bonus Project NOFA

Applications for Bonus Projects will be accepted from eligible organizations interested in applying for 2016 HUD funding to create new permanent supportive housing projects that will exclusively serve chronically homeless individuals and families OR rapid rehousing projects that will serve individuals, including unaccompanied youth, and families coming directly from the streets or emergency shelters or persons fleeing domestic violence or other persons who qualify under paragraph (4) of the definition of homeless.  Projects should serve individuals and families in the four county region that the SNJCoC serves (Camden, Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester).

Please click on the link below to access the Notice of Funds Available for more information and for details about the pre-bid conference call which will take place THURSDAY JULY 21, 2016 AT 10 AM. 2016 SNJCoC Local NOFA – bonus project

The Bonus Project application and review instrument are available for review by clicking on the links.   2016 SNJCoC Bonus Project Application  and 2016 SNJCoC Bonus Project – Rank and Review Tool  Please have questions ready for the pre-bid call. Information about the appeals process is also available. Appeals Process – SNJCOC for NOFA

SNJCoC Local NOFA Released

The Southern NJ Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) will be accepting renewal applications from organizations interested in applying for renewal of their HUD funding in 2016.  A pre-bid meeting will be held via conference call on June 22nd at 10 am. Proposals are due to CPAC by 12 noon on July 8, 2016.

See the attached Notice of Funds Available (NOFA) for more information.  2016 SNJCoC Local NOFA

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