Homeless Network Planning Committee – HNPC

Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) addresses the HNPC

Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) addresses the HNPC

Camden County Homeless Network Planning Committee (HNPC)

The Homeless Network Planning Committee (HNPC) is Camden County’s Comprehensive Emergency Assistance System (CEAS) Committee, is a coalition of providers, advocates, and consumers that develops and implements a comprehensive plan providing for a continuum of services to decrease homelessness and maximize self-sufficiency for the City and Camden County Continuum of Care.

As of 2013 the HNPC is part of the regional Southern NJ Continuum of Care (SNJCoC) which includes Camden, Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester Counties. The SNJCoC does regional planning and applies as a continuum to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for funding under the HUD NOFA process.

There are several committees which do Camden City and county planning under the HNPC. The committees and their purpose include: Coordination and Collaboration – To increase outreach efforts for the access, enrollment, and utilization of mainstream resources for homeless families, chronically homeless individuals, individuals discharged from prison (and other institutions), who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Systems Evaluation – To ensure that agencies use the HMIS system to monitor and report program data in a systematic manner to achieve the goals of the Continuum of Care. Agencies participating in HMIS discuss unique needs connected to entering data from their respective sites and review existing monitoring process, tools and systems used and create data quality expectations and agreements.

Permanent and Supportive Housing (PASH) – this group is working towards the establishment of permanent, affordable supportive housing in the City and County of Camden. Most recently this local committee merged with the SNJCoC’s Permanent Housing Committee to recruit representatives from the Federal, State, Local and Private sectors, may collectively share information and input regarding projects that promote permanent, affordable, supportive housing in the region. Meeting Dates/Times of the HNPC and its committees:

3rd Thursday of month
10 am / CPAC

Coordination & Collaboration
1st Wednesday of month
11 am / CPAC

Systems Evaluation
2nd Thursday of month
10 am / CPAC

2nd Tuesday of month
2pm / Camden County Improvement Authority Voorhees Town Center

For more information on: HNPC contact Hilary Colbert at hcolbert@cpachvi.org or 856-663-3998 ext. 222. SNJCoC contact Laura Sanchez at lsanchez@cpachvi.org or 856-663-3998 ext. 204.


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